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After School Program: Empowering Young kids

Maximize your child’s after-school time with our enriching After School Program at VIP International Krav Maga and Martial Arts Academy! From exciting martial arts sessions to dedicated homework time and socialization opportunities, we offer  a structured environment for growth and development. Join us and empower your child to thrive in a supportive and engaging setting.

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Odessa & Trinity

Odessa After School Program

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Join over 4,000+ students


mbark on your martial arts journey with our 4-week starter program for just $49.99!

Includes 8 classes + a special gift T-shirt.

Discover our After School Program, providing a nurturing and secure space for every child to flourish and grow!

How would you like your child to spend those crucial hours after school and before your workday ends? Passively on a tablet or watching TV? At VIP International Krav Maga And Martial Arts Academy, we offer a solution. Our After School program provides a safe, engaging environment where your child can thrive, stay active, and have fun every day.

What’s Included In Our After School Program?

At VIP International Krav Maga and Martial Arts Academy, our After School Martial Arts program offers a great alternative to traditional daycare. We provide transportation to our facility every day, even during early dismissals. Here’s what your child can enjoy in our After School program:

  • Exciting Martial Arts Instruction: Our program offers dynamic martial arts classes where students can learn new skills, build confidence, and stay active in a fun and engaging environment (martial arts classes are optional).
  • Dedicated Time for Homework: We provide structured time for students to complete their homework assignments with the assistance of our supportive staff, ensuring they stay on top of their schoolwork.
  • A Great Group of New Friends: Your child will have the opportunity to socialize and make new friends with fellow students from across Odessa, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • Recreational Hall and Clubhouse: Our facility features a recreational hall and clubhouse where students can unwind, play games, and participate in various recreational activities under supervision.
  • Incredible Character Development: Through our after school program, we instill important values such as respect, discipline, perseverance, and teamwork, helping students develop into well-rounded individuals.

Learn More Today About Our After School Program Here In Odessa!

Join us at VIP International Krav Maga and Martial Arts Academy and give your child the opportunity to thrive in our After School program. Contact us today to learn more and enroll your child in an enriching and empowering experience.