Martial Arts (8 - 12 years old)

Give your child the gift of the finest Kids Martial Arts classes in Odessa, Trinity, and beyond! If you want to help your child burn off extra energy while teaching them respect, confidence, and discipline, you’ve come to the right place. Our Kids Martial Arts classes at VIP International Krav Maga and Martial Arts Academy provide fun and effective self-defense and martial arts training for kids of all ages and skill levels. We believe families that kick together stick together, and we’re excited to welcome families from all across Odessa and Trinity.

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Martial Arts studio

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Get Special Offer

4-week starter program for just $49.99!

Includes 8 classes + a special gift T-shirt.

What Will Your Child Experience in Our Martial Arts Classes ?

At VIP International Krav Maga and Martial Arts Academy, students receive exceptional instruction, allowing them to enhance their abilities over time. Whether your child is a total beginner, a seasoned athlete, or anywhere in between, we’re here to help them learn something new every day and stay active in an exciting, energetic environment.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes in Odessa can help your child take on:

  • Effective Kicks, Punches, and Striking Techniques: Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of striking techniques, ensuring that your child develops a solid foundation in martial arts.
  • Total-Body Coordination and Athleticism: Through dynamic drills and activities, your child will improve their coordination, balance, and overall athletic ability.
  • Long-Lasting Habits of an Active Lifestyle: We instill a love for physical activity that will encourage your child to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Improved Confidence in Everything They Do: As your child masters new skills and techniques, they’ll gain confidence that extends beyond the Dojo and into their daily lives.

We'll empower your child with the abilities to thrive in every aspect of life!

We understand how crucial it is for your child to learn key character-building skills that benefit them beyond the gym. That’s why we make our engaging lessons a foundation for these important life skills. Our classes are led by positive role models who support and encourage students, helping them feel confident and proud of their progress every step of the way.

In our Kids Martial Arts classes, your child can learn:

  • Teamwork & Leadership Skills: Working with peers in group activities fosters cooperation and leadership abilities that will serve your child well in all areas of life.
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution Strategies: Through role-playing and interactive exercises, your child will develop the skills to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • Discipline, Focus, & Attention to Detail: Our structured classes emphasize the importance of discipline and focus, helping your child pay attention to details and complete tasks with precision.
  • Perseverance Through Any Challenge: Martial arts teaches children to push through difficulties and setbacks, building resilience and a super strong work ethic that will benefit them in all areas of life.

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Ready to give your child the gift of martial arts? Join our Kids Martial Arts classes at VIP International Krav Maga and Martial Arts Academy today. Witness as they grow into confident, disciplined, and resilient individuals ready to face any obstacle life presents them with.

Why Choose VIP International Krav Maga and Martial Arts Academy?

At VIP International Krav Maga and Martial Arts Academy, we prioritize creating a safe, encouraging, and enjoyable space for your child. Our skilled and certified instructors are devoted to guiding every student toward their best self, whether they’re training on the mat or in their everyday lives. Here’s why our academy stands out:

  • Certified Instructors: Our instructors are highly trained and certified, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to each class.
  • Positive and Inclusive Environment: We foster a welcoming atmosphere where every child feels valued and included.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our well-rounded program covers physical techniques, mental strategies, and character development.
  • Community Focus: We are proud to serve families from Odessa, Trinity, and beyond, creating a strong, connected community.